Friday, December 4, 2015

Briefs for December 4-5, 2015

Now that we're in December, it's time for Christmas movies. Christmas falls on a Friday this year, so perhaps it's appropriate that TCM's Spotlight this month, looking at Christmas movies, is back on a Friday. Of course, having the spotlight be on Christmas movies also means that I've mentioned most of the movies airing.

For example, tonight kicks off at with It Happened on 5th Avenue at 8:00 PM. I blogged about it in December 2010, and as you can tell from the title of that post, I made the comment back then about how the same Christmas movies get run over and over. If you haven't seen it before, it's definitely worth watching.

The other one I'd recommend fairly highly is All Mine to Give, which comes on overnight at 2:30 AM. Amazingly, I blogged about this one exactly one day after I blogged about It Happened on 5th Avenue. It's pure coincidence that I selected these two movies to link back to today; I had no idea I had originally blogged about them on consecutive days.

Shorts still aren't back on the TCM schedule page. At least, not when I looked at the weekly schedule a few minutes ago in preparation for writing this post.

I did a count at the beginning of the week, and I had 52 movies on my DVR that I haven't gotten around to watching yet. One or two of them I've seen before, but still, that's a lot of movies. I really should get around to watching all of them and blogging about any of the ones that are on DVD. But then I'm working the early shift from 6:00 AM to 2:30 PM, so that wreaks havoc with a movie watching schedule.

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