Monday, December 28, 2015

The Children's Hour vs. These Three

Tonight is the last night of the December spotlight on TCM, looking at girlfriends. The night kicks off at 8:00 PM with The Children's Hour, the 1961 movie in which Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine are accused by a malicious child o having a lesbian relationship. Well, not quite that accused; the kid only claims to have seen them kissing. But as I've mentioned on a couple of occasions, this movie was based on a play by Lillian Hellman that had already been made as a movie once before, that being the 1930s film These Three starring Miriam Hopkins and Frances Dee as the teachers.

Well, tonight you're in luck, as These Three will be following The Children's Hour at 10:00 PM, giving you a chance to catch both of them and compare and contrast, as well as to decide for yourselves which one is the better movie. As I mentioned back in 2009, These Three had to be changed from Hellman's play somewhat thanks to Production Code strictures, so there's definitely enough different to make watching both of them worthwhile.

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