Monday, December 7, 2015

One of the many, many things I was wrong about

Back on Friday, I mentioned that TCM was putting the spotlight on Christmas movies. That's true, at least insofar as TCM is running Christmas movies every Friday in prime time with a further sprinkling of movies throughout the month.

But, I also implied that this was the monthly Spotlight, the one that has the special graphics package and music. Oh, on that I was wrong. I hadn't seen the TCM promo for what's coming up in December, and if I had I would have known that the spotlight is actually on "girlfriends". Or, I suppose, female buddy movies. Every Monday this month, we'll get two double features (or four films a night) looking at different aspects of female-female relationships.

Host will be Tiffany Vazquez, who won the "Ultimate" fan contest back in 2014 on the 20th anniversary of TCM and was selected to be one of the fan Guest Programmers back in April 2014 for the channels' anniversary.

At least tonight will bring another opportunity to catch Three on a Match, overnight at 1:45 AM.

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