Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas on FXM

I've blogged a couple of times this month about TCM's Christmas programming. FXM, on the other hand, is doing about as much as they did last year. That is, they'll be running the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol, the one starring Alastair Sim, several times.

There will be four back-to-back showings this evening, starting at 7:00 PM and running every two hours, ie. at 9:00 PM, 11:00 PM, and 1:00 AM. The movie is only 86 minutes, but there won't be quite that many commercials as there will also be an 11-minute "FXM Presents" installment at the end of each two-hour block promoting some upcoming movie or a show on one of Fox's other channels. There will also be three airings on Christmas day, two in the FXM block at 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM, but one immediately before that in the FXM Retro block at 1:30 PM, which implies that this one airing will be commercial-free.

Last year, I commented that I thought they would be running a colorized print, but it turns out that the print was in black-and-white, although it wasn't exactly a high-quality print. I would presume that they'll be running the same print this year.

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