Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Schedule notices with Christmas Eve coming up

Frank Sinatra is this month's Star of the Month on TCM, and his movies are airing every Wednesday in prime time. He made enough movies that the continue on to the Thursday morning TCM schedule, except for this week, since tomorrow is Christmas Eve. TCM is showing a good 38 hours of Christmas movies through to 8:00 PM Friday. But before that, however, even Sinatra is getting in the Christmas spirit, as TCM is running a Christmas special he did with Bing Crosby at 8:00 PM, followed by the religious-themed Miracle of the Bells at 8:45 PM.

As for the Christmas features, Thursday morning kicks off with Bush Christmas at 5:15 AM. This is an interesting Christmas movie, what with its Australian setting.

But I'd really rather mention some of the shorts that are on the schedule, since TCM's online schedule page has started listing them again. There aren't too many, or prehaps I should say too many unique shorts, as what they have are all airing several times. The four most common ones are:

Mario Lanza singing "Ave Maria" in a clip from The Great Caruso, which first shows up just after King of Kings, a little after 7:40 PM this evening or even before all the Sinatra stuff;
Judy Garland singing "Silent Night" following Lanza, or again in between King of Kings and Sinatra;
Lewis Stone wishing everybody a merry Christmas all by his lonesome self in between the Sinatra Christmas special and Miracle of the Bells; and
Stone as Judge Hardy with the rest of the Hardy family wishing everybody a Merry Christmas, which you can first catch in between Miracle of the Bells and the next feature, High Society.

All of these will be airing a bunch of times over the next couple of days.

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