Sunday, December 20, 2015

Second Run DVD

Courtesy of the fine folks at Radio Prague, we have a story about a company called Second Run DVD, a company that specializes in bringing foreign films, especially films from the former Czechoslovakia, to the UK:

The UK's Second Run DVD recently celebrated 10 years of existence and 100 releases. About a quarter of the reissue company’s titles have been Czechoslovak films, ranging from the relatively famous Intimate Lighting by Ivan Passer to Adelheid, a lesser known work by František Vláčil, director of the classic Marketa Lazarová. When I met the company’s founder Mehelli Modi at a busy London café I wanted to know how he selects the Czechoslovak movies he releases. As he explained, it all springs from his own life-long passion.

The link above includes the text of the interview, which gives an interesting explanation about how the founder came to learn about Czechoslovak movies. There's also an MP3 of the interview here; it's a 4.9MB, 11-minute file.

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