Wednesday, December 2, 2015

TCM Star of the Month December 2015: Frank Sinatra

Now that we're in a new month, it's time to put aside TCM's old Star of the Month Norma Shearer and replace her with a new one, this time being Frank Sinatra. It's tough to believe, but I've been blogging long enough that this is the second time since I started blogging that Sinatra has been Star of the Month. Sinatra was given that honor back in May 2008 on what was the 10th anniversary of his death, and he's getting it this month because it's the 100th anniversary of his birth.

It seems as if I haven't put up too many photos from Sinatra's movies in my blog posts, as this one of him and Jack Klugman from The Detective is the only one I could find. That's airing next week. But then, there are five Wednesdays this month, so TCM has five nights to show Sinatra's work. In fact, there's so much of his work available for them to show that the Sinatra movies will be running well into Thursday morning, by which I mean the morning as TCM uses it starting at roughly 6:00 AM. (The exception is December 23, since TCM wants to show Christmas movies all day December 24.)

I'm not the biggest fan of Sinatra, mostly for the same reason I'm not the biggest fan of Judy Garland. I don't care for either of them as singers. Of course, both of them could act, and when they were given a role that didn't have them singing, as Sinatra would get in From Here to Eternity, they showed just how good they were at acting. But Sinatra's singing means that TCM has decided to start each of the five nights of the salute with one of his TV specials, so we don't get the real movies until 9:00 and you have to put up with Sinatra's warbling before that.

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