Monday, November 11, 2013

Buck Henry, Class of '52

When I mentioned Robert Ryan this morning, I linked to a profile on him from my school's alumni magazine that was published a year or so ago. A couple of weeks back, the most recent issue of the magazine came in the mail, and who was on the cover? None other than Buck Henry, who was a member of the Class of 1952. Ty Burr, the same man who wrote the piece on Ryan, has done a piece on Henry, and that piece is now available online. (A warning that the site uses a picture of the cover of the print version that hasn't been scaled down for thumbnail use, and that might slow down the browser a bit.)

One other big name from the classic Hollywood era who went to Dartmouth was Budd Schulberg, who was a member of the Class of 1936, I think. I don't know that th emagazine has ever run a piece on him, although when he died they had a big two-page picture of him from the 1954 Oscars with the rest of the winners from On the Waterfront. Schulberg's first wife eventually married Peter Viertel, one of the screenwriters of Alfred Hitchcock's Saboteur, who coincidentally also went to Dartmouth. Wikipedia says he graduated in 1941, but I thought I recalled from the obituary in the alumni magazine several years ago that he only matriculated and didn't graduate. I'm probably misremembering though.

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