Friday, November 8, 2013

Yes, Virginia, there really is a DVD

TCM's Friday Night Spotlight returns this evening, with Matthew Broderick presenting four more movies, this night with a theme of divorces that turn out not necessarily to be the right move. That will be followed by two more screwball comedies to fill out the night. TCM's schedule page is claiming that four of the six films are available to purchase from the TCM Shop; in fact, the two that don't have the "Buy DVD" icon are also on DVD and can be found at the TCM Shop.

The first of these is Love Crazy, which I blogged about back in January 2009 on the first anniversary of the blog. William Powell and Myrna Loy try to celebrate their anniversary, things go wrong, and a series of misunderstandings leads to them nearly getting divorced and winding up in the nut hatch. It's airing at 11:30 PM, and is available as part of a William Powell and Myrna Loy collection that was released a year ago. I didn't see a stand-alone DVD available from the TCM Shop.

Rounding out the night is Vivacious Lady at 4:30 AM. Professor's son James Stewart falls in love with nightclub singer Ginger Rogers, and then has to keep the marriage a secret from his stuffy parents. This movie got a release courtesy of the Warner Archive collection about six weeks ago. (I had blogged back in August about it not being on DVD, which at the time was accurate.) I don't know how long it should take the various databases at TCM to talk to each other, but I'm surprised the schedule doesn't say anything about Vivacious Lady now being on DVD.

The other four movies are:

The Awful Truth at 8:00 PM; Cary Grant and Irene Dunne divorce, realize they shouldn't have, and then try to make each other's new relationships fail.
My Favorite Wife at 9:45 PM; Cary Grant's explorer wife is presumed lost at sea; on the day he's having her declared dead years later so he can get remarried, she shows up again with Randolph Scott in tow. Complications ensue.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith, at 1:15 AM, has a slightly different premise; the characters don't get divorced so much as their marriage is declared invalid. Trying to get back together, however, turns out not to be as easy as planned.
And Too Many Husbands at 3:00 AM has a similar theme to My Favorite Wife, except with the genders reversed. Jean Arthur was married to Fred MacMurray who died, so she married Melvyn Douglas. Except that MacMurray didn't really die, and he shows up again.

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