Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Not on DVD repeats for November 14

I'm always up for fun 1930s B movies, and have blogged about quite a few of them before. A lot of them aren't available on DVD, which means you have to wait for them to show up on TCM. Tomorrow is a day chock full of such films, several of which I haven't blogged about -- or even seen -- before, and most of which are not out on DVD. There are two films which I did post on before that aren't on DVD.

First of these is Professional Sweetheart at 11:45 AM, in which Ginger Rogers plays a radio star who has to marry hillbilly Norman Foster in order to maintain her image of purity. It's enjoyable enough, although comedies where having to maintain a fiction is one of the main plot points is something that can get a bit tedious after a while.

The other of the two movies is also a comedy with the characters having to keep a lie going: We're Rich Again, at 3:30 PM. In this one, Grant Mitchell plays the father in a family that's going broke, but he has to keep up the fiction that they're not in order that he can marry his daughter off; meanwhile, his daughter's cousin shows up to make things more complicated. One thing I was slightly off about in the original post is the suggestion that Buster Crabbe doesn't have a line of dialog. He finally does have the chance to speak, but only in the last ten minutes or so of the film.

I've also blogged about Rafter Romance (1:00 PM before), but that one is on DVD as part of a box set of six films that Merian C. Cooper got the rights to as part of his severance package with RKO.

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