Monday, September 22, 2014

Brigitte Bardot night

I'm sorry to say that I haven't posted any stills of Brigitte Bardot to the blog before, and didn't think to get any from the web in anticipation of tonight's Brigitte Bardot films on TCM. Bardot is turning 80 at the end of the week, but since TCM doesn't really do a birtdhay marathon on the weekend, they had to put it in prime time some weeknight. Perhaps next Monday might have been better, considering it would have been closest to the birthday, but at any rate, we get several of Bardot's films this evening:

And God Created Woman kicks off the night at 8:00 PM;
Une Parisienne follows at 9:45 PM;
Plucking the Daisy is third up at 11:30 PM;
The Night Heaven Fell is on at 1:30 AM; and
Contempt concludes the night at 3:15 AM.

TCM's schedule claims that the first, fourth, and fifth films are availalbe from the TCM Shop, but not the second and third. FXM is coincidentally getting in on the Bardot love with a showing of Dear Brigitte tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 AM. Bardot only has a cameo at the end of the movie, and appears in tht title only because she didn't want to be used to promote the movie any other way.

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