Monday, September 15, 2014

TCM's Lauren Bacall tribute

Tuesday, September 16 would have been Lauren Bacall's 90th birthday if she hadn't died last month. When TCM originally made up the September schedule, they had a morning and afternoon of films planned for the day, leading into the third night of this year's "Projected Image" series. So when TCM decided to do a 24-hour tribute to Bacall, they had to ditch the Sept. 15 prime time schedule instead, so the tribute begins at 8:00 PM tonight. TCM is showing 11 of Bacall's movies, along with two airings of the Private Screenings interview she did with Robert Osborne back in 2005:

The first airing of the Private Screenings interview kicks off the tribute at 8:00 PM;
Bacall sings and teaches Humphrey Bogart how to whistle in To Have and Have Not at 9:00 PM;
Bacall gets involved in a convoluted mystery that Bogart tries to solve in The Big Sleep at 11:00 PM;
We learn from Bacall How to Marry a Millionaire overnight at 1:00 AM;
You'll have that second chance to catch the Private Screenings interview at 2:45 AM;
Bacall hires private detective Paul Newman in Harper at 3:45 AM;
Bacall helps Gary Cooper complete a business deal in Bright Leaf, tomorrow at 6:00 AM;
Bacall is one of the love interests for Kirk Douglas' Young Man With a Horn at 8:00 AM;
Bacall protects escaped convict Bogart as he tries to solve the crime for which he was falsely accused in Dark Passage at 10:00 AM;
Bacall meets old friend Bogart at Key Largo, at noon;
Bacall is on a slow boat from China with John Wayne in Blood Alley at 2:00 PM;
Bacall is in a supporting role to Natalie Wood in Sex and the Single Girl at 4;00 PM; and
Bacall and Gregory Peck go at it in Designing Woman at 6:00 PM.

There's also one Lauren Bacall movie that shows up over on FXM: The Gift of Love, today at 1:00 PM. This one has Bacall as the wife of Robert Stack, who discovers that she's got a heart condition that's going to cause her death at an early age, so she goes and adopts a daughter in order that her husband won't be left alone after she dies. It's a remake of the movie Sentimental Journey which some of you may have seen.

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