Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Returnees apparently not on DVD

I blogged about Strange Bargain at the end of 2010. It still doesn't seem to be on DVD, so you're going to have to catch the infrequent TCM showing this afternoon at 5:15 PM. Jeffrey Lynn plays a family man in debt who gets mixed up in his equally indebted boss' suicide plan. It's a plan that looks like murder, and that of course gets our protagonist in trouble. It's worth a viewing if you haven't seen it before.

Over on FXM, Inferno is back on the schedule after a long absence, tomorrow morning at 10:10 AM. (I assume it'll show up several times in the weeks thereafter, but right now that seems to be the only airing in the next two weeks.) Ryan plays a businessman married to Rhonda Fleming, who goes out to the desert with her and a prospective partner in a business deal, played by William Lundigan. What Ryan doesn't know is that his wife is in love with the business partner, and those two are plotting to have him die out in the desert! Ryan surely isn't going to allow that to happen!

One movie that I don't think I've blogged about before that's coming up and isn't on DVD is She Married Her Boss, overnight tonight at 1:45 AM on TCM (or this evening if you're out on the west coast). Since this is part of the salute to Melvyn Douglas as TCM's Star of the Month, it's no surprise that Douglas plays the boss. The "she" is played by Claudette Colbert, who at the start of the movie is secretary to Douglas, who has a child and no wife. Colbert is so good at organizing Douglas' business life that the two end up falling in love and getting married, only for Colbert to discover that organizing a home life -- especially with a stepdaughter (Edith Fellows) around -- is much more difficult than organizing a boss' business life. It's an solid enough premise, but the movie only turns out OK, nothing great.

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