Friday, October 10, 2014

Animation update

I didn't get to watch the entire evening of animation on Monday night, so I missed that the third set of vintage shorts from the Van Beuren Studio didn't show up, which led to much consternation over on the TCM boards. One of the presenters from Monday evening said that this was due to a technical glitch at TCM, and that the cartoons are back on the schedule for December 7.

The Winsor McCay shorts were interesting. The scenes from Gertie the Dinosaur set in the Museum of Natural History also show the challenges of early filmmaking, as the picture was very dark, and there was no way to put sufficient lighting in the closed room. I also didn't realize just how long that dinosaur skeleton has been there.

At any rate, if you didn't see any of the Winsor McCay shorts, here's the whimsical How a Mosquito Operates:

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