Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bollywood in Prague

From my RSS feed yesterday came the following reasonably interesting story: Childhood one of main themes at this year’s Bollywood film festival


This Wednesday, the annual Bollywood festival of Indian film gets underway in Prague. Now in its 12th year, the festival offers a selection of classical as well as contemporary movies from India and Pakistan, along with a rich accompanying programme. The subtitle of this year’s event is “Children of Bollywood.” I spoke to Radim Špaček, one of the festival’s organizers, and first asked him about the choice of the main theme:

As always with the reports from Radio Prague, the linnk above is to a transcript of the story. There's also an embedded audio player, as well as a direct link to the MP3, which wuns about 3:43, and if it's 64kbit/sec like all the other Radio Prague stories I've mentioned, should be about 1.7 MB. (I download and listen to the emtire program via the RSS feed; this story appeared at the end of the "current affairs" section and I wasn't certain if the individual current affairs stories were available for download.

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