Friday, October 24, 2014

Two from Poland

So a couple of film festival-related stories came up in the English language broadcasts from Polish Radio that I listen to. The other day, I heard a brief report in the daily news program about the American Film Festival in Wroclaw which, if any of you are in Poland, runs through the end of the week. The longer-form feature program Focus has a report on it, although I'm not certain if that program focuses solely on the film festival. There's a little Javascript listen link in the top right corner of the main article on that page; the direct link from the RSS feed is here. NB: the MP3 file is about 18MB and 20 minutes.

How about a festival for Polish emigres? I'm not of Polish descent, so I'm not certain if it would appeal to me, but there's an individual report about a UK/Polish singer who's come back to Warsaw to perform. There's a direct link to the Emigra Film Festival as well as the actual MP3 file (3.8 MB, about four minutes).

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