Saturday, October 25, 2014

Shorts report: October 25, 2014 -- and a documentary

For those of you who like your featurettes, you're in luck, as TCM is airing a pair of them overnight tonight. The first one comes up around 1:04 AM, or following The Curse of Frankenstein (11:30 PM, 83 min): A Look at the World of Soylent Green. The other featurette also deals with a 1973 movie: On Location With Westworld, at about 2:14 AM. I have to admit I'm not certain whether or not I've seen either of these featurettes -- if you watch enough TCM, you see a whole bunch of "making of" featurettes that some of them start to blur together.

In between those two featurettes is teh "documentary", or more accuaretly part of TCM's irregular "A Night at the Movies" series that looks at various genres, with a bunch of clips and a bunch of talking heads discussing the genre. This time, the genre is "The Horrors of Stephen King". Goodness knows there have been enough movies made from the works of Stephen King. I'm not as big a Stephen King fan as a lot of people, but my favorite filmi of his stuff would have to be Misery.

One short tomorrow morning that sounds more interestingly bizarre and interesting than it's probably going to turn out to be is Mr. Bride, which comes on at about 11:40 AM tomorrow, following In a Lonely Place (10:00 AM, 93 min). This is a Charley Chase short, so that means you probably have to deal with Chase's wackiness, which I know can be an acquired taste. I'm not the biggest Chase fan myself. (NB: I haven't actually seen this particular short.) Mr. Bride has Charley going on a sort of "honeymoon", with his boss (Del Henderson). Yeah, you can figure this is probably going to be a bit warped.

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