Sunday, October 12, 2014

Another silent shorts warning

TCM's Silent Sunday Nights feature for tonight is not a feautre, but five comic shorts. No problem with that per se; it's just that when TCM schedules a bunch of shorts like this, there's always a problem with the timing and order in which they'll run. TCM's online schedule page lists the five shorts, but all beginning at midnight. (They also list a short in between The Steel Trap and Silent Sunday Nights: 1933's Come to Dinner, which is a parody of Dinner at Eight.) That order is:

1. Jailed and Bailed
2. The Boy Friend
3. Charley, My Boy!
4. Long Pants
5. Just a Good Guy

The downloadable monthly schedule lists them in mostly the same order, except that Jailed and Bailed is at the end instead of the beginning. Also the times given for the five shorts add up to about 91 minutes on the monthly schedule, and 108 minutes on the online daily schedule. My DirecTV box guide lists them in the same order as the monthly schedule, but puts each of the five shorts into a 24-minute block, which conveniently comes out to two hours. (The daily schedule page lists two of the shorts as running 25 minutes.) And Titan TV's online guide only lists four of the shorts, following the same order as the monthly TCM guide and DirecTV, but omitting Just a Good Guy, and sticking each short into a half-hour slot. I think we can presume that's wrong, and all five shorts are airing. I'd guess it's in the monthly guide order, but I'm never certain when it comes to these blocks of shorts.

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