Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A once-every-four-years birthday salute

Monday was leap day, the 29th of February. I didn't look up who celebrates a birthday that day, however; if I had wanted to do a post on somebody born on February 29, I would have looked up the birthdays on Monday. Instead, I mention it because I'd like to mention TCM's programming for tomorrow.

Normally, when there are only 28 days in February, TCM's 31 Days of Oscar runs from February 1 through March 3. But this year, with a February 29, means that 31 Days of Oscar ends on March 2 and regular programming resumes on March 3. This is of particular interest considering that March 3 is the birth anniversary of one of Hollywood's legends, Jean Harlow. TCM made her their Star of the Month for her centenary in 2011, but they couldn't run any movies on her birthday.

TCM is running a morning and afternoon of Harlow's movies, including at least one I know I haven't seen before, The Girl From Missouri at 5:15 PM. I can't recall whether I've seen Platinum Blonde before; that kicks off the morning at 7:00 AM. In between are a bunch of Harlow's lesser-known performances. No Dinner at Eight or Red Dust, although we do get Red-Headed Woman (1:00 PM)

Perhaps in four years' time TCM can get the rights to enough movies to run a birthday salute to Edmund Lowe.

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