Tuesday, March 22, 2016

TCM Guest Programmer: Richard Kind

I have to admit that with being sick for the past several days and with working the early shift, I haven't been paying as much attention to the TCM schedule as I should. But when I was looking through the TCM schedule on my box guide, I was trying to think what, if anything, tonight's movies had in common. So it hit me that perhaps tonight was TCM's Guest Programmer. I don't know how far in advance Robert Osborne sits down with his Guest Programmers to do the segments, but apparently while he wasn't able to do the Essentials segments with Sally Field in time, he was able to do this Guest Programmer segment with comic actor Richard Kind. I don't watch much episodic TV and haven't in 20 years at least, so I wouldn't recall Kind in shows such as Mad About You. Anyhow, he's picked four of his favorites, and is presenting them tonight:

First, at 8:00 PM, is The Apartment, the Billy Wilder classic in which Jack Lemmon is letting his boss use his apartment to entertain his (ie. the boss') mistress, only to fall for the mistress himself.
Then, at 10:15 PM, you can catch Soldier in the Rain, in which "young" soldier Steve McQueen admires his superior officer (Jackie Gleason) too much.
At midnight is the anti-war comedy MASH; I'm probably too biased by the TV show which would explain why I've never particuarly warmed to the movie.
Finally, at 2:15, there's the overlong Lawrence of Arabia.

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