Thursday, March 31, 2016

Another "new month, new movies" post

Amazingly, FXM Retro is still going on several years after Fox decided to take the Fox Movie Channel and make the evening half of the schedule commercial. I've mentioned quite a few times that it seems as though whoever programs FXM Retro takes a couple of movies out of the vault each month and runs them a whole bunch of times in a short span before the movies go back in the vault to be replaced by other movies.

Well, tomorrow is April 1, so we're about to get some movies that I don't think have shown up on the channel in a while. The first of them is Untamed, which I blogged about a little under three years ago. You can catch that at 11:20 AM tomorrow, and then 7:45 AM Saturday.

The Friday airing of Untamed will be followed at 1:15 PM by Five Weeks in a Balloon, which as far as I can tell last came out of the vault in March 2013.

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