Friday, March 11, 2016

Wandering Through the Shelves

I noticed yesterday that a couple of people in my blogroll had posts called "Thursday Movie Picks", both looking at the same theme. So I finally went and looked at one of those posts, and it turned out that those "Thursday Movie Picks" posts are part of a theme. There's a blog called Wandering Through the Shelves that's been running the weekly "Thursday Movie Picks" for closing in on two years now, with all the themes through the end of 2016 picked out already.

I generally have two criteria for adding somebody to my blogroll (well, three, with the first being that the blog is movie-related, of course), which are that the blog seems interesting, and that it's updated regularly. The Thursday Movie Picks sound interesting, and are obviously updated regularly, so onto the blogroll it goes.

I may wind up joining some of the Thursday Movie Picks themes, but not all of them, because some of them look like they'd be a bit tough for me since I generally feel more comfortable talking about older movies than more recent movies -- my knowledge of more recent stuff simply happens to be lesser.

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