Saturday, March 12, 2016

The annual daylight savings time reminder

Here in the US, it's the day on which we'll all be setting our clocks one hour forward when we go to bed, well with the exception of people in I think Arizona and Hawaii. It's normally a problem for schedule programmers, since those grid schedules have a nice empty one-hour space.

TCM's monthly schedule actually gets it right this time, although it's probably a bit easier than the schedule at the end of daylight savings time when you have two 2:00 AMs. Tonight's schedule sees A Little Romance overnight at 12:15 AM. That's a 111-minute movie. So the next movie, the second part of the Decline of Western Civilization series looking at the Los Angeles music scene of the 1980s, comes on at 3:15 AM, not 2:15 AM.

Huzzah! The schedule is so much easier for me to work out this time!

(Seriously, I've watched a couple more movies off my DVR recently and will probably get around to blogging about one of them this weekend unless somebody famous dies.)

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