Friday, March 18, 2016

The latest film series on TCM

TCM was running the Rusty the Dog movies in the 9:15 AM Saturday time slot, just before the Bowery Boys movies. But the last one aired last Saturday, so now it's time for a new series. That series is the Lone Wolf movies, at least the ones starring Warren William. TCM will be running The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt tomorrow morning at 9:15 AM.

The Lone Wolf character was the subject of a couple of movies at the end of the silent era, and then Melvyn Douglas actually played the character once in 1935. But this 1939 film starts the most productive, if you will, period for the character, as Warren William would make nine Lone Wolf movies in about a five-year span.

I haven't checked out the schedule far enough into the future to see if all nine are airing, and what's following them. But if TCM do air all nine, that would take us through to mid-May.

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