Friday, January 27, 2017

About those Bowery Boys movies

At the beginning of the month, I mentioned that TCM was getting close to the end of the Bowery Boys movies, but that I wasn't certain what TCM was going to be doing following 31 Days of Oscar since it looked like there was one Bowery Boys movie remaining after January.

I didn't look at the schedule closely enough. Tomorrow morning, TCM is running the final two Bowery Boys movies (Up in Smoke at 9:30 AM and In the Money at 10:45 AM, which means that the series is going to end just in time for 31 Days of Oscar. I think Leo Gorcey is missing from both, to be reunited with Huntz Hall only for The Phynx a dozen years later. By that time, Gorcey was on his deathbed and looks it, dying in between filming and the release of the movie.

Following 31 Days of Oscar, TCM will be running the Maisie movies, which I think should take up March and April; I'd have to look up how many Maisie movies were made.

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joel65913 said...

I think there's 10 Maisie movies. I thought Swing Shift Maisie and Maisie Was a Lady the best of the series, they're all pleasant entries thanks to Ann Sothern but I was hoping that they would run the Torchy Blane series first.