Monday, January 2, 2017

Anyone up for another producer interview

I didn't notice it in my RSS feeds until this morning, but Radio Poland's English service apparently interviewed producer Aneta Hickenbothom for one of their non-news programs. At least, I didn't hear it in any of the half-hour news programs; it actually showed up in a business program instead. Technically, it is in large part about the business side of being a producer.

Apparently she produced a recent Polish movie that's been a great success, but she's also worked on several high-profile American productions like Munich and Troy; it's the work on that Polish movie that merited the interview.

It's actually a reasonably interesting interview about the basic background of becoming a producer and basically having to oversee the whole circus that goes around making a movie. If you think François Truffaut's character in Day For Night had it tough, imagine what his boss had to go through.

As always, Polish Radio's site only has a brief synopsis of their individual reports as opposed to full transcripts like Radio Prague. The interview is a little over 8MB and a little under 9 minutes; you can download it directly here.

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