Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Last of the Mohicans (1920)

I see that this week's Silent Sunday Nights programming has a block of movies, rather than just one silent. There are two two-reelers and the 1920 feature Last of the Mohicans. As always when there's a block of shorts put together, there are problems with the TCM schedule. The weekly schedule has the feature in the middle, while the monthly schedule has it at the end, and the shorts airing in the opposite order. My satellite box guide matches he running order of the monthly schedule, except that the starting times are different. The monthly schedule has all three things running in a two-hour block, while the box guide has The Last of the Mohicans going from 12:45 AM to 2:15 AM.

Thankfully, 1920 means that the film is in the public domain, which means that there are versions of it on Youtube. Note that TCM is listing a running time of 76 minutes, while the Youtube prints are 71 minutes. I'd guess that has something to do with the frame rate. But for those who are interested, here it is:

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