Saturday, January 21, 2017

I have mentioned all of these before, haven't I?

I was looking at the TCM schedule, and I saw that the afternoon lineup concludes with a short, Souvenirs of Death, at about 7:49 PM after Bend of the River. It's an interesting idea, and I wasn't certain if I had mentioned it before, but as you can see from the link, I have. Basically, somebody captures a gun off a Nazi in World War II and brings it home, but the bad guys wind up getting it.

Tonight's prime time lineup is dedicated to actor Dana Andrews. Interestingly, TCM is able to get in four movies before going to TCM Underground. First up, at 8:00 PM, is Boomerang!, in which Andrews plays a prosecutor who comes to believe the guy he's supposed to be prosecuting is in fact innocent. It's based on a real-life story in which the prosecutor in question wound up becoming Attorney General in the Franklin Roosevelt administration, although the movie is set in the "modern" day, that of the late 1940s instead of the late 1920s.

Next up, at 9:45 PM, is Fallen Angel at 9:45 PM. I don't think I watched the 2011 TCM airing, and I'm pretty certain I haven't seen it since, so this is one that it's definitely been ages since I've seen.

Then come a pair of movies from a bit later in Andrews' career. At 11:30 PM is While the City Sleeps , a mystery set against the backdrop of a power struggle at a news empire and the various fiefdoms there trying to solve the mystery. It's a lot of fun, and incredibly cynical.

Finally, at 1:15 AM, there's Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, which has Andrews as a journalist who gets into an audacious story with his boss (Sidney Blackmer): frame himself as a murderer, and reveal the evidence only after he's been sentenced to the death penalty! Of course, there are complications, such as the boss dying in a car crash and the evidence going missing with his death.

All four of the Andrews movies are well worth watching.

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