Wednesday, January 18, 2017

TCM Guest Programmer January 2017: Damien Chazelle

So we're at that time of the month when another famous figure comes on to present four movies. This time, it's Damien Chazelle, the writer/director behind things like La La Land. (I saw the trailer in theater over the summer when I watched Florence Foster Jenkins, and I'm probably the one person who didn't find the movie particularly interesting from the trailer. Although at least not as bad as the second of the Tom Hanks movies trailered that day, which had Capt. Sully cracking the Dante code. People still like the Dan Brown conspiracy stuff?) Anyhow, Chazelle will be on tonight with Ben Mankiewicz to present four of his favorite films. Knowing who Chazelle is, I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise that three of the movies are musicals:

It's Always Fair Weather at 8:00 PM, a Gene Kelly musical about World War II vets meeting 10 years on;
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg at 10:00 PM, a good story slightly marred by the fact that all of the dialog is sung;
Meet Me in St. Louis at midnight, in which we have to put up with the singing of Judy Garland, especially about that expletive-deleted trolley.
And the one non-musical is a movie I personally find overrated, Charlie Chaplin's City Lights at 2:00 AM.

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