Friday, January 13, 2017

Another set of briefs, for January 13-14, 2017

A few months back, I mentioned the 1912 version of Cleopatra. I didn't realize it when I posted back in September, although to be fair, this month's TCM schedule probably wasn't available at the time. TCM's prime time lineup is several versions of the Cleopatra story, with the 1912 silent rounding them off at 6:30 AM tomorrow. (It's also on Youtube, of course.)

Shock will be back on the FXM Retro schedule, airing twice tomorrow morning at 4:45 AM and 8:55 AM. Like the last set of "Back on FXM" movies I mentioned, this one was running in 2013 as well, although I think it's been back on FXM this time around for a little while now.

Somebody over at the TCM boards mentioned a BBC Radio documentary entitled Thelma and Michael: Love in the Cutting Room. This is the story of acclaimed editor Thelma Schoonmaker, who married director Michael Powell, 35 years her senior, in 1980, and remained married to him until his death 14 years later. Unfortunately, the documentary is only available via streaming audio. It was probably available for download at some point in the past, but the BBC only keeps their downloadable audio up for a month or so. I wish I had known about the documentary when it aired back in October.

Courtesy of ephemera blogger David Thompson is a link he titled Film effects of yesteryear. It's a link to the explanation for the effects in several silent movies, with the most famous being the forced perspective shots of Harold Lloyd in Safety Last!. Unfortunately, the site David linked to is heavy on GIFs substituting for video.

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