Tuesday, January 24, 2017

MGM's 40th anniversary

I've mentioned the short Some of the Best on several occasions in the past. It's MGM's 25th anniversary presentation, looking at one movie from each of the first 25 years of the studio's history, followed by a look at upcoming movies and (the best part) a luncheon showing more stars than there are in the firmament.

MGM made quite a few shorts showing their plans for the coming year; I've mentioned the late-60s short Lionpower a few times as well. And today at 7:15 PM, TCM is running MGM 40th Anniversary. This one, which I'll admit I haven't seen, is from 1964 and according to the reviews, nowhere near as good as some of the earlier shorts. (Lionpower, at least, is humorous in its breathless pumping up of the movies.

The one reviewer at IMDb points out that MGM wouldn't make another decadal featurette like this one. Of course, ten years later, they made the first of the That's Entertainment! pictures, and in the promotional trailer pointed out that there would never be another picture like it. Until the sequel a few years later.

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