Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I should have joined the Blind Spot series

A few years back, Canadian blogger Ryan McNeil at The Matinee started a series he calles the Blind Spot series. The point is to pick a smallish number of movies -- 12 isn't bad, because that's one movie a month -- that you haven't seen before, and which are supposed to be Important Movies. Then, after watching the movie, you do a blog post about it.

I was thinking about the series because as part of "Bob's Picks" on TCM, the channel is running Mrs. Miniver overnight at 2:30 AM. It won the Best Picture and other Oscars, and yet, it's one that I've never seen in its entirety.

Oh, I've seen parts of it, and I think that's the problem. I've come to the movie toward the end, around the time one of the characters -- I think it's the Teresa Wright character -- dies in one of the Nazi blitzes. And I'm pretty certain I've seen the following speech given by the Henry Wilcoxon character.

And I even sat down one night when TCM ran it at the start of prime time to watch it. But there was only so much I could get through. I found Greer Garson's title character coming across as so self-centered, and I didn't give a damn about the rose-breeding competition, that I found myself bored with the whole thing and didn't want to sit through another two hours of this stuff.

That having been said, I've got about 40 movies on my DVR that I haven't watched, and don't know what I'd delete to make room for Mrs. Miniver. Especially since I intend to DVR The Getaway as well, which comes on immediately before Mrs. Miniver at 12:15 AM.

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