Friday, April 22, 2016

100 Years, 100 Shots

Somebody at the Tribeca Film Festival put together an interesting montage called 100 Years, 100 Shots. The point was to take one shot or sequence from one movie per year for each of the past 100 years, one that's considered iconic. The shot, that is; not necessarily the movie, even those in some ways go hand in hand. The 100 films used are listed in chronological order under the video, which runs a little over six minutes.

Obviously, it's going to be difficult to select just one shot per year. Consider 1933, for which the editor used King Kong, and who can blame that choice? And yet, 1933 would probably have been the year to select something Busby Berkeley did, since that's the year he changed the Hollywood musical with 42nd Street and then Gold Diggers of 1933. But that's half the fun of a montage like this, debating the creator's choices.

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