Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Proof that I don't look too far ahead in the TCM schedule

At the end of March, I mentioned the Harold Lloyd movie Never Weaken, and even embedded a Youtube video of it. If I had a tendency to look ahead in the TCM schedule, I would have noticed that tomorrow is a day chock full of Lloyd's movies in honor of his birthday. Not only that, but Never Weaken is going to be among the titles, at 6:45 AM.

Among the features, one that I think I've seen before -- it sure sounds familiar -- but am sure I've never recommended is Girl Shy, at 8:30 AM. This one has Lloyd playing the shy Boy, hence the title, who actually writes a book on how to romance women. On the way to the publisher, he meets a rich Girl (Jobyna Ralston, later of The Freshman), but she's engaged to a man more of her social class. He then learns that that man is all wrong for her, and has to get to the church on time to stop the wedding. If I've seen the movie, than this sequence should include Harold hanging from the arm of a trolleybus that should normally be connected to the overhead electric wires. (A Google search seems to confirm this.)

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