Thursday, April 21, 2016

Briefs for April 21, 2016

I note that there don't seem to be too many shorts on the schedule right now. There's one for today at about 3:00 PM, apparently a promo for a 1960s movie called Quick Before It Melts where I haven't seen the promo or even heard of the movie, with the possible exception that I think I've seen the title of the promo show up before. The reviews make it sound pretty dire. After that, there doesn't seem to be anything until Sunday afternoon

A couple of lesser-known people from the 80s died over the weekend while my home Internet was out. Rod Daniel, a director who brought us stuff like the original Teen Wolf, died at 73. And then there's Kit West, an Oscar-winning special effects artist from films like the original Raiders of the Lost Ark, who was 79. Wikipedia only links to a Dutch-language obituary.

I've also seen that TCM changed the graphics package they use when they show trailers for upcoming movies. They use that hard-to-read tyepface -- the one that shows up in the word "Spotlight" of the TCM Spotlight, and also I believe on "Essentials" if that ever shows up again -- for the day of the week, and the whole package looks more naturally high-def than before.

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