Sunday, April 24, 2016

Chaplin's World

Earlier today I mentioned how I listen to international broadcasters and how there was a movie-related program on China Radio Intertnational. Well, I also understand German well enough to listen to some German-langauage broadcasts. Usually, that's just news, since that's a bit easier to follow, but one of the podcasts I have in my RSS reader is of a weekly travel program that airs on Germany's Deutschlandfunk, that goes to various places around the world and does brief features on three or four of them each Sunday.

So today in my RSS reader, I was intrigued to see a report titled, more or less Chaplin Museum on Lake Geneva: On the trail of the Tramp and artist. Note that the link above is actually in German; my giving the title in English is just a translation. Apparently there's been a new museum dedicated to Charlie Chaplin that opened up in Switzerland, where he spent his final years. You can read the report, in German, at the link above; if you can understand German, you can download the audio here; that's a 12 MB file around 13 minutes. Deutschlandfunk audio files are all available for six months from the date of publication, so this one will be available until about 1000 UTC on October 31.

As for the Chaplin's World museum, you can visit their website here; it's also available in French and German for anybody here who's not a native English speaker. I don't go to museums much so I don't know how out of line this is, but the admission fee is CHF 23 for adults, which is about USD 24.

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