Saturday, April 2, 2016

Will anything be on The Essentials tonight?

Four weeks ago, on what was supposed to be the first Saturday of the new season of TCM's The Essentials, I mentioned that the series had been delayed thanks to Robert Osborne's illness and an inability to get his and Sally Field's schedules to mesh in time to get the wraparounds done in time for the first weekend of March. The website only mentioned a "production delay", and said that during March, Ben Mankiewicz would be presenting the movies on Saturday evenings.

Well, we're into April now. Tonight at 8:00 PM we can see Alan Ladd as Shane, something which would have been on the schedule regardless of whether it's being presented by Robert and Sally, or by Ben. But just who will be presenting it? The Essentials website linked above hasn't been updated, and there doesn't seem to anything on the main TCM page about Robert and Sally returning for another season of The Essentials. The only link on the main page that I could find is to the aforementioned link. And I haven't seen any of the posters on the TCM forums who would normally have more information. There also doesn't seem to be much information gleaned from a Google search.

I guess we'll find out at 8:00 tonight.

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