Monday, April 11, 2016

Paul Douglas, 1907-1959

Today marks the birth anniversary of actor Paul Douglas, a man who was decidedly not a matinee idol, but instead a good example of the middle-aged man who could be overbearing but also had a heart of gold beating behind that gruff nature. Douglas had a substantial career both in the movies and on TV in the last decade of his life.

His first film was A Letter to Three Wives, which has him paired with Linda Darnell as one of three couples that may be split up by another woman (the never-seen Celeste Holm provides the voice). Full starring roles soon followed, as in Love that Brute pictured above, where he's paired with Jean Peters.

Other onscreen partners included Judy Holliday in The Solid Gold Cadillac, and Eve Arden in We're Not Married. But Douglas was good in supporting roles, too, such as in Executive Suite or his final movie, The Mating Game.

Unfortunately, not long after making The Mating Game, Douglas suffered a massive heart attack and died at the young age of 52. Thankfully his films live on, as he's always enjoyable to watch.

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