Sunday, April 24, 2016

CRI on the Beijing Film Festival

I know I've mentioned quite a few times that I used to listen on short-wave radio to various international broadcasters. Most of them are no longer on short-wave, but still offer programs on the Internet, and one can listen to the programs in that manner. China Radio International actually still is on short-wave, although I generally listen to the features by downloading them over the weekend and then listening during the week. Most of the features aren't so time-specific that it makes a difference whether you're listening to a week-old edition.

Anyhow, the CRI program "In the Spotlight" has, among the reports in the most recent edition (from April 20), a report on the Beijing Film Festival. If you want to read a brief synopsis of all of the reports from the program, you can go here. CRI doesn't package the individual reports into separate downloads, so if you want to listen to the report, you'll have to download the entire 25-minute program, or listen via streaming audio. Both options are available on the link above, but if you want a direct download, you can get it here. It's about 8.4 MB; I'm not certain how long CRI's programs are available for download.

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