Thursday, April 14, 2016

Out of the Past Blog

The other day I saw somebody somewhere mention the Lioniel Barrymore movie On Borrowed Time, probably in conjunction with the TCM spotlight on the Barrymores. Anyhow, that made me think of the tree in which Lionel Barrymore traps Death. I was pretty certain it was one particular tree that was on the MGM backlot, which had a bench circling it and which shows up in a whole bunch of MGM movies since so many of them were filmed on the backlot. (Sometimes, it's fun watching the old studio movies and trying to figure out which building fa├žade on the backlot was used in some other movie.)

So I went and did a Google image search for the movie, figuring there would have to be a picture of Barrymore with Death (Cedric Hardwicke) in that tree. Sure enough, I found one which led me to the Out of the Past blog and her post on the movie.

Now, any time I come across a new-to-me movie blog, I ask myself two things. First, is it interesting? This blogger certainly wrote a very good post on the movie. Secondly, is the blog still being updated regularly? Again, this blog does seem to get reasonably regular updates. Those two criteria having been met, I feel OK adding the blog to my blogroll. (I probably should clear out a couple of blogs that haven't been updated in ages.)

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