Friday, April 15, 2016

Judy Garland shorts

Judy Garland is, of course, this month's Star of the Month on TCM. They've been showing her movies every Friday night this moth, and this week sees, in addition to her starring roles, a couple of shorts she made before she became a star.

First up, before prime time, is Fiesta de Santa Barbara, at approximately 7:39 PM. I blogged about this briefly back in 2013; it's a bunch of MGM stars celebrating, fiesta-style. Garland (who would have been 12 or 13 at the time) and her sisters sing a song; Andy Devine, Robert Taylor, and other stars show up. The color on the TCM print I've seen is gorgeous. Oh, and if you've seen the TCM Extras intro? The guy singing next to the horse is from this one.

Bubbles comes on around 9:48 PM, a bit after For Me and My Gal, the movie that kicks prime time off at 8:00 PM. I mentioned this one back on Judy Garland's birthday in 2014, as it's a really odd short. Children are performing, which isn't a particularly big deal. Except here they're presented as the children of the moon or something, so the way the short is presented is a bit bizarre, to say the least.

As you can see from the above link, a very young Judy Garland also appeared in a short called Starlet Revue. That one can be seen overnight at 3:16 AM, or just following The Clock (1:45 AM). The Clock, which I blogged about all the way back in March 2008, is an excellent movie, and well worth watching along with the short.

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