Friday, July 29, 2016

Ace Drummond reminder, and some more

Back in June, TCM was running the Ace Drummond serial, two chapters a Saturday just before the Bowery Boys movies. Tomorrow after the end of the Star of the Month salute to Olivia De Havilland, or at 9:30 AM, they'll be running the five remaining chapters back to back, no Bowery Boys movie. The Bowery Boys movies will also be missing in August, of course, due to Summer Under the Stars.

A different heads-up comes for today's lineup of Nancy Davis movies. I think I've seen Donovan's Brain (3:30 PM) before, as it's one where the idea seems so worth a watch for being out there, at least as far as the studio era goes. Nancy's husband (Lew Ayres) is working on keeping brains functioning, has the opportunity to save the brain of a prominent businessman, and then finds that the brain wants to control everything (specifically, Lew Ayres) around it.

Shadow in the Sky at 2:00 PM is another one that looks awfully familiar.

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