Saturday, July 9, 2016

Missing in July and August

I was going to post last night, but unfortunately my internet was out thanks to a heavy thunderstorm. Not like I'd want to run my computer during such a thunderstorm, anyway. At least I got a chance to watch Under the Volcano off the DVR that I recorded all the way back during 31 Days of Oscar in February. Gotta check to see whether it's on DVD to do a full-length post on.

Anyhow, the TCM Star of the Month salute to Olivia de Havilland is running well into Saturday mornings. This means that the Bowery Boys movies are taking a break for the month, and there's also no Ace Drummond serial. As far as I'm aware, they didn't get through the whole thing. I haven't been watching, but the printable June schedule only lists them going through Chapter 8, and there are 13 chapters in the serial.

Everything will, of course, be taking August off for Summer Under the Stars. Looking at the schedule for September 3, the Bowery Boys are back on at 10:45 AM, but before that is Code of the Secret Service, one of the Brass Bancroft movies.... Looking through the July schedule, it looks as though TCM is running the last five chapters of Ace Drummond back-to-back on July 30.

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