Monday, July 11, 2016

Another night of Bob's Picks, presumably presented by Ben Mankiewicz

During Robert Osborne's extended absence from presenting movies on TCM, the channel has continued with his monthly "Bob's Picks", in which he more or less acts like a Guest Programmer, except of course that he's not actually a guest. Ben Mankiewicz and the other people doing the presenting duties in Robert's stead have been presenting the movies instead.

And so it should be tonight. (I mean, if Osborne were back, it would have been all over the TCM boards.) Tonight's lineup is listed on the TCM site as "Bob's Picks", consisting of four (I think; I'm not certain about the last movie on the overnight schedule) movies:

About Mrs. Leslie at 8:00 PM, starring Shirley Booth and Robert Ryan as a pair of lovers who only get to meet for six weeks each year;
Brief Encounter at 10:00 PM, in which Celia Johnson meets a doctor in a British railway station and has a relationship with him, despite her being married to another man;
Victor Victoria at 11:45 PM, in which Julie Andrews plays a Weimar-era woman who has to impersonate a man so that she can be a female impersonator in the cabarets; and
S.O.B. at 2:15 AM, in which Andrews is asked to go to great lengths to save a failing film.

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