Sunday, July 10, 2016

Oh crap, I've blogged about all these movies before!

So when I looked at today and tonight's TCM schedule, there were some things that looked like they'd be good movies to blog about. The first obvious choise was The Vanishing, coming on overnight at 4:00 AM, since TCM Imports don't show up quite as often. But it turns out that I had already blogged about the movie back in March 2010.

So I went to the TCM online schedule to see what was on tonight. Before Silent Sunday Nights, there's an evening of movies dedicated to British actress Googie Withers. Among the movies is On Approval at 11:45 PM. But again, this is a movie that I blogged about, back in January 2015.

Finally, I was pretty certain that I had blogged about the Silent Sunday Nights movie, Orphans of the Storm at 1:15 AM, before. Sure enough, that was a November 2008 selection.

I'll have to see if any of the movies I've watched off the DVR are in print on DVD.

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