Thursday, July 14, 2016

FXM Retro may actually be doing some themed programming

I mentioned last week when I blogged about A Flea in Her Ear that it would be coming up again on the schedule today. It didn't occur to me to think that today happens to be Bastille Day -- and FXM Retro actually has an entire block of movies set in France.

Starting at 6:00 AM with Seven Thieves, there are five movies, set in various time periods.
A Walk With Love and Death, at 7:45, is set during the Hundred Years War;
Secret World at 9:30 AM is a present-day (well, 1969) movie;
that repeat of A Flea in Her Ear comes up at 11:10 AM; and
Can-Can, also set in the Belle Époque, concludes the FXM Retro day at 12:45 PM.

The last three movies (in the same order) will also start off FXM Retro's programming block tomorrow at 4:00 AM, which does make me wonder just how much thought FXM Retro put into this.

I can't recall whether there are any good Fox movies set during the French Revolution, but I think they did do a version of Les Misérables (not the musical), which starts off not too long after the end of the revolution. Or, at least, Jean Valjean's stint in jail does. It's been 25 years since I read the book, but I think it goes up to the revolutions of 1830. Do the math.

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