Saturday, July 16, 2016

Keep off the Grass, and the rest of the overnight lineup

TCM's Underground lineup for this overnight/early tomorrow morning is a bunch of drug movies. The night starts off at 2:00 AM with Reefer Madness, which for some reason is in a one-hour slot even though it's a 65-minute movie. That's followed by Marihuana, which is a 57-minute movie, also in a one-hour slot (from 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM). So even if Marihuana started immediately after Reefer Madness, they'd still be two minutes or so off schedule. I'll admit I don't know the running times down to the second; I presume that TCM will at least add the screen for the three following movies, which will add to those run times. And then there's the animated open as well as the TV-PG (or whatever rating TCM gives these movies) screens. At any rate they'll be running behind.

Allegely starting at 4:00 AM would be Cocaine Fiends, which is apparently a 68-minute movie. Thankfully, this gets us back on schedule, as the following movie is scheduled at 5:15 AM. That's the short Keep off the Grass, about the dangers of marijuana.

However, there's a second short running to fill out the night, at least according to TCM's weekly schedule: The Terrible Truth, a 10-minute short. This won't cause problems with the Sunday schedule beginning at 6:00 AM, but TCM is continuing its practice of having multiple films in a block of shorts be listed as starting at the same time. Perhaps more interestingly, my set-top box guide and IMDB both list only Keep off the Grass, and not The Terrible Truth.

Anyhow, if you want to see Keep off the Grass, it's on Youtube:

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