Monday, July 18, 2016

TCM Guest Programmer July 2016: Lou Gossett, Jr.

Tonight sees another Guest Programmer on TCM. This month it's Lou Gossett, Jr, who won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in An Officer and a Gentleman. Presumably, this means he's sitting down with Robert Osborne, or sat down with him months ago, to discuss the four movies he selected. (Posters to the TCM boards claim this was postponed from May, implying the wraparounds were not taped before Robert Osborne's absence from presenting duties.)

Anyhow, Gossett has selected four movies, and those are:

The Blackboard Jungle at 8:00 PM, in which teacher Glenn Ford has to deal with 50s-era punks;
Touch of Evil at 9:45 PM, with Charlton Heston playing a Mexican cop involved in a cross-border murder investigation;
Lifeboat at 11:45 PM, Alfred Hitchcock's look at people shipwrecked by a Nazi U-boat who wind up in a lifeboat with the U-boat commander; and
Night of the Hunter at 1:30 AM, in which Robert Mitchum goes after two stepkids who know the location of $20,000 their biological father hid.

I'll be interested to see the first wrapround at least.

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