Thursday, July 7, 2016

What if they shone a spotlight and nobody came

Now that we're in the first full week of a new month, we've got a new Spotlight on TCM, looking at America in the 1970s. TCM has grouped the films thematically, looking at various aspects of the 1970s.

Tonight, for example, sees a couple of movies on the media: All the President's Men, The Candidate, and Network; followed by a couple of movies on surveillance: The Conversation and Klute. No Parallax View, for better or worse. And apparently, conspiracy theories were a thing back then.

But what's interesting is the lack of mentioning who's presenting the spotlight. Perhaps it's just Ben Mankiewicz, since they've already got a guest host for two weeknights in the form of Keith Carradine presenting all those westerns on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. But normally when there's a Spotlight, TCM's page on the subject mentions the guest who's presenting the movies

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