Saturday, July 30, 2016

Musicals in TCM Underground

Tonight's TCM Underground block starts off at 2:45 AM with Thank God It's Friday. I can't believe Donna Summer has been dead for four years; I blogged about the movie when she died back in 2012. It's an enjoyable movie, although also of its time. If you don't care for disco music, you may have some problems with the movie just because the music is so prominent.

Thank God It's Friday will be followed at 4:15 AM by ABBA: The Movie, which I blogged about quite some time ago, but mentioned again recently since it was on TCM a few months back. One thing I didn't mention back in 2008 or three months ago was the dream sequence, which if memory serves is set to the song "The Name of the Game". It's another hoot.

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